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Trudeau: abortion should be a ‘human right’ in Ireland

The Canadian PM urged his Irish counterpart to support 'reproductive rights'

Vandals strike statue of missionary saint in Los Angeles

St Junipero Serra is credited with bringing Christianity to California

Barcelona terrorists plotted bomb attack on Sagrada Família

The Islamists planned to target Gaudí’s iconic Basilica of the Holy Family

Pope Francis: put migrant safety before national security

The Pope also called on Catholics to lobby their governments to be more welcoming to migrants

Trudeau: abortion should be a ‘human right’ in Ireland

The Canadian PM urged his Irish counterpart to support ‘reproductive rights’

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Bishops clash with Evo Morales over protection of indigenous land

Bolivian bishop says: ‘The government doesn’t listen to the people, especially not indigenous people’

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor taken seriously ill

Cardinal Nichols has asked for prayers for his predecessor

Leading theologian: change canon law to correct papal errors

Fr Aidan Nichols said that Pope Francis’s teaching had led to an ‘extremely grave’ situation

Pope Francis prays for victims of Barcelona terror attack

At least 12 people have died and hundreds injured in a van attack on the city’s Las Ramblas district

Morning Catholic must-reads: 18/08/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Vatican envoy calls on Vietnam to respect religious freedom

Archbishop Girelli, non-resident diplomat, made the remarks at a Marian Congress attended by 100,000 people

Nearly 100 per cent of Down’s Syndrome babies aborted in Iceland

‘Iceland isn’t actually eliminating Down syndrome. They’re just killing everybody that has it.’


The five-year-old who testified to the Knock apparition

John Curry was a humble, shy man throughout his life – but he stood his ground in telling his astonishing story

Countercultural San Francisco parish attracts growing congregation

How one parish experienced a rebirth by bringing back traditional practices

What the Russian Tsars can teach us about fighting terrorism

The terrorist problem today is an existential threat to our civilisation

Even the great modern saints endured times of doubt and disbelief

A new CTS book by Rev Nick Donnelly reveals how Mother Teresa and Edith Stein persevered through God’s silence

The Catholic philosopher who clashed with a US president over nuclear war

Elizabeth Anscombe reminds us that moral evils – like deliberate killing of the innocent – cannot be justified for any reason

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The man who changed the Vatican’s mind on Venezuela

Cardinal Urosa has emerged as a formidable centre of unity

Catholics, go out and change Britain

We face a crisis of humanity. Christians need to act – through politics, the Church and everyday life

My flock at the edge of the world

A six-day voyage to some of the world’s most remote Catholic communities is just part of the job

Macron’s popularity is collapsing as France faces a winter of upheaval

Archbishop Georges Pontier’s call for a national unity will likely go unheeded as the nation heads for strikes and social unrest

Amid the outcry over Charlottesville, one archbishop’s words stand out

‘If we want a different kind of country in the future, we need to start today with a conversion in our own hearts’

Sometimes the Church has to be tough

Michael Voris is a divisive figure, but he would say the Church herself is deeply divided