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Sports official in the Pontifical Council for Culture says commercial pressures reduce athletes to commodities

Bishop Fellay made the comment during a two-hour talk in Canada

The Italian pope, who reigned from 1963 to 1978, will now be known as ‘Venerable’

Archbishop Müller says ‘hermeneutic of reform in continuity’ was the only possible interpretation

Instead the Pope is giving £600,000 in aid and sending a cardinal to visit refugees in Lebanon

Pontiff congratulates US president on his re-election in a telegram that has not fully been made public

The Pope has urged Catholics to deepen their belief in eternal life on the Feast of All Saints.

Benedict XVI urges faithful to become more familiar with the Nicene Creed

Exhibition includes the jeep Blessed Pope John Paul II was travelling in when he was shot and an immense horse-drawn carriage made in 1826

Documents focused on vast range of topics including the Masons, yoga and the Vatican bank