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Rome must beware Anglican-style dialogue

At his patheos.com blog, Fr Dwight Longenecker asked whether “the present trend at the Vatican” was a movement towards the Anglican philosophy of “creative tension”. The idea, Fr Longenecker recalled from his Anglican days, was that serious divisions could exist, as long as everyone agreed to “listen carefully and dialogue with those with whom we disagreed”.

Fr Longenecker said he wasn’t sure if the Catholic Church would go down this route – but he was certain it shouldn’t. For one thing, endless “dialogue” and division played into the hands of progressives. “It springs from and reinforces their relativist philosophy.” Moreover, progressives can advance their ideas through rhetorical strategies.

“Once they have got sympathy they resort to name calling. Their enemies are ‘cruel’ and ‘insensitive’, ‘harsh’ and ‘legalistic’.” Dialogue turns out to mean: “I am going to lecture you, hector you, bully you and exhaust you with my endless arguments and threats until you give in.”

The cult film with a Catholic heart

The cult 2004 film Donnie Darko has a “sizable Catholic following”, noted Nick Ripatrazone at theatlantic.com.

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