Imagine if someone were to ask you, to your face, if you were the most hated man or woman in your country. All of us would probably say no. When I recently put this question to Gabriele Kuby, a German Catholic sociologist, she paused to think about it quite seriously.

“No, maybe not,” she replied. “The politicians of the AfD [Alternative for Germany] right-wing party, they can’t go into restaurants. They are on TV and everyone knows their faces. Many people know my face too – but I think it is worse for them … But concerning all the LGBT issues, maybe concerning that, and gender, yes – it’s me.”

Kuby is the author of The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, an acclaimed analysis of the cultural forces shaping the new world order. Later this year it will have been published in some seven editions and 13 languages, in spite of the work receiving not a single review when it was first printed in German in 2012.

Instead of plaudits Kuby receives slights and harassment in her native Germany. Most of it doesn’t bother her, as it comes in the form of cheap slurs and lazy platitudes in the media, where she is compared to the Nazis. In the past she was often invited on to television talk shows only to be ambushed and outgunned by a mass of angry voices, a kind of orchestrated ruse seen in Britain on countless occasions. When she speaks at public events, she is sometimes confronted by hecklers inside the venue at the same time as demonstrators protest outside.

Perhaps more than anyone, she knows the truth of the observation of Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth that opposing the Western secular consensus on sexuality has become “a bit like arguing with an alcoholic” because of the irrational and angry response it evokes. Yet this has turned her into the bar-room brawler whom everyone fears; she is hated and virulently opposed, but she is on her feet and still fighting.

One of the toughest tests she faces is a legal battle against the playwright Falk Richter whom she is suing for character assassination. In a play called Fear he depicts Kuby as a zombie who has risen from a grave dated 1945. To send her back there, he recommends that she is shot in the head. Ironically, Kuby is derided a “hate-monger” as her eyes are poked from a photograph of her face.

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