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To save the world we need Dominicans

At thecatholicthing.org, David Warren reflects on St Dominic as a model for today’s Catholics. The saint founded his religious order just as “a new, profane intellectual order was emerging”. The Dominicans responded with “real intellectual zeal”, as well as disciplined, holy lives.

Now, as in Dominic’s time, “Faith is despised, and as the early Dominicans often were, shouted down with slogans. The Dominicans persisted. Far from retreating where they met hostility, they listened and confuted. Men can be animals, especially the young, but they may also be called to conversion, and a striking feature of the 13th century is the scale and speed of the Dominican expansion.”

The “Dominic Option” would involve this kind of courageous intellectual engagement, Warren writes. “The world needs to be told the joy of Our Saviour. It needs to be saved, from the Devil and from itself. It needs to know who is its Maker.”

It’s no accident that Jesus died in his 30s

At adw.org, Mgr Charles Pope gives a Dominican reflection of his own. He discusses St Thomas Aquinas’s answer to the question: “Why did Jesus die in his thirties?”

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