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Disillusionment in the voting booth

Fr Ed Tomlinson found election day a gloomy experience. “I cannot remember feeling as disillusioned before heading to the voting booth,” he wrote at Father Ed’s Blog. “In more recent elections the problem was a lack of discernible difference between the main parties – now we have difference but both seem broken in different ways.”

The Tories, Fr Tomlinson wrote, “seem in thrall to big business at the cost of the vulnerable. Too often recently I have counselled disabled and vulnerable people, and their relatives, whose lives are looking bleak thanks to very harsh cuts on budgets that support them. How can a nation that affords Trident and war abroad not have enough money to support the genuinely needy? My heart struggles with a Tory vote.”

But Jeremy Corbyn’s socialism is scarcely more appealing. “It is all well and good producing a little red book crammed full of promises – but does anyone honestly believe the money exists for this vision to be realised? History has proved repeatedly that socialism fails and wreaks total havoc on a nation. My head struggles with a Labour vote.”

It’s time for Christians to mobilise and get involved, Fr Tomlinson concluded: we need good people in all the main parties. “Come on, lay people – what are you waiting for? Christians, stand for election..”

Grasping the Trinity and other mysteries

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