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A Lutheran’s love letter to Pope Francis

In America, the Jesuit review, Aana Marie Vigen wrote a “Lutheran’s love letter” to Pope Francis: “Ever since you became the Bishop of Rome in 2013, I have become increasingly convinced that you are the pope that Luther was looking for 500 years ago”.

She gave four reasons: “You help us to see Christ in our neighbour, You help us to see God in creation, You combine humility with audacity and You inspire creative hope and action”.

She concluded: “You inspire me, Pope Francis. You help me find the grit to live with intention. So I boldly close this love letter with a fervent request: that you pray for the United States and the world in these tumultuous and confounding times, that we will stumble our way through with minimal injury to ourselves and to others. I ask you to pray without ceasing that humanity wakes up to creation’s myriad cries in time to do something meaningful about them.”

How to argue religion in the internet age

The Catholic News Agency reported Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron’s remarks at Facebook’s headquarters last week.

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