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The courage and dedication of his parents is an inspiration, as is the unqualified support of Pope Francis

Tom Evans and Kate James are appealing after the High Court ruled Aflie could not be transferred to Italy

His life support was removed after his parents lost a last-ditch appeal on Monday evening

Italy’s foreign and interior ministers said they hope he can now be transferred to the country ‘immediately’

Tom Evans said he has seen the ‘love and the care’ in Pope Francis’s eyes

The English and Welsh Bishops defended Alder Hey hospital hours after Alfie’s father begged Pope Francis to grant his son ‘asylum’

Tom Evans met the Pope before the Pontiff’s weekly general audience

He prayed that sick people are cared for ‘with the unanimous support of family members, doctors and other medical professionals’

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Authorities must allow the parents to follow their heart and exercise their rights to decide Alfie’s future