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The Government had promised to abolish an ‘admissions cap’ that forces new Catholic schools to violate Canon Law

The Conservatives had promised to abolish the ‘unfair’ admissions cap that effectively prevents the Church from opening new schools

A new study claims faith schools hold countries back. The detail reveals a very different picture

Faith schools are a force for social inclusion and community cohesion, said the former Education Secretary

May’s appointments bode well for faith communities, which past governments have too often neglected

The more Catholic schools we have, the more we will be tempted to dilute our Catholic identity

Sectarianism is not a self-evident result of religious selection in schools

The complaint by the Catholic Education Service is in a written submission to the House of Commons Education Committee

Why should a child be unable to attend their local school which happens to be Catholic, but be obliged to travel afar for education?

The Catholic Education Service has said that religious instruction must remain part of Catholic education