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The Prince of Wales said he was ‘profoundly shocked’ to hear the persecution Christians had endured in the Middle East

A church in northern Iraq will light up in red, the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil said

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We cannot allow extrajudicial killings. But at the same time, these people must face justice

Fr Salar Kajo remains in the Christian-majority town of Teleskov as Peshmerga and Iraqi forces close in

Aid to the Church in Need accuses the international community of failing to take the situation seriously enough

Iraq’s Christian communities are rebuilding, but there’s a danger the international community will ignore them

Christians are in a ‘state of fear’ over a possible conflict after Kurdistan voted for independence

Around 3,000 families are returning to the Nineveh Plains

The Knights of Columbus are seeking to help Christians return to their homeland on the Nineveh Plain